The Church we are meant to be - Dr. Scott Koenigsaecker

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We have both contemporary and traditional services, and as of April 2014 record the contemportary one to serve the needs of those who are less mobile or home bound, so that they can watch when they are unable to be with us in person. We have people in local retirement communities who gather to watch the service. There are also those who travel or live in other states during the winter months and this a way for them to stay connected to our church while they are out of the area. We make our service available on the Internet, and through a special channel on the Roku TV set top box . The videos also play very well on mobile devices! Come visit us at 9 am or 11 am Sunday Mornings in the Fellowship Center to experience our contemporary worship service, and 10 am for the traditional one


Our video host uses a "Universal Player" that works on all mobile devices including iPhone, iPod touch, iPad, Android phones and tablets. Give it a try if you own one of these devices by going to the www.sequimcommunitychurch.org site and press the blue "Missed the Sunday Message?" button. Up will come the menu containing the past 5 weeks of messages.

You can create your own MOBILE WEB APP at this point on an iOS device by pressing the "forward arrow" at the bottom of your screen and selecting "Add to Home Screen". An Android device may have a slightly different procedure: On the menu choose "Add to" then "Home Screen".

Now select a date you want to see and watch the video! In the future, just press the icon on your device any time you want to see the latest messages.